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As a medical oncologist, I frequently meet canada goose black friday sale uk with patients diagnosed with DCIS after they have already undergone surgery. My responsibility is to determine the best medical strategy to reduce my patient risk of developing any subsequent invasive or non invasive breast cancer in either breast. For patients with DCIS, in particular those with DCIS that expresses the estrogen and progesterone hormone receptors, this typically involves endocrine therapy with an oral medication that targets these receptors.

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canada goose Choose Vegetable Sources of ProteinResearchers at Harvard School of Public Health looked at nearly 19,000 female nurses who were actively trying to get pregnant and found that after factoring out smoking, fat intake, and weight, women who ate the most protein were 41 percent more likely to have reported problems with ovulatory function than women who ate the lowest amount. But when they looked at animal protein intake separately from plant protein, the story changed: Infertility was 39 percent more likely in women with the highest intake of animal protein, whereas women who ate a lot of plant protein were substantially less likely to have had ovulatory infertility. The lesson? Limit your intake of animal protein to no more than one or two servings per day, and up your intake of plant proteins canada goose.