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canada goose A kilo is 1000 grams (mass). A litre is 1000 cubic centimetres (volume). They are measures of completely different things. She said she and a friend were walking to an exit at the other end of the building when people started running toward them.Confused for a moment, Carroll said she then heard gunshots, grabbed her friend’s hand and began sprinting with the crowd. They passed a fallen metal sculpture, a folding chair on the ground and other debris, Carroll said in a phone interview.As she ran, she said, she thought about the irony of the activism in which she had just been engaged, the two Moms Demand Action volunteers at the table and a victim of February’s shooting in Parkland, Fla., whom she had recently met in the course of her activism.Carroll and her friend canada goose outlet florida followed a few other canada goose outlet woodbury people behind a thin, wooden wall where artwork hadhung and hid there for a few minutes amid folded tables, buckets and other equipment before a police officer escorted them outside.A contribution to the mural that Moms Demand Action displayed at Art All Night, asking people to imagine a world without gun violence (Courtesy of Moms Demand Action NJ)Hoursbeforehand, Carroll had joked with a SWAT team member about how the anti gun violence activists wanted to canada goose black friday sale create canada goose outlet belgium such a radical change that he’d be out of a job, she said.She had watched as some people wrote several sentences on their card stock about canada goose mens jacket black friday what a world without gun canada goose outlet online uk violence would look like. She saw other people stare off in the distance canada goose outlet store winnipeg before they put pen to paper, needing to think hardto envision such a thing.Now, Carroll said she hopes Art All Night will occur again next year and bring the same joviality.”I don’t want this gun violenceto destroy what this festival was,” she said. canada goose

canada goose store Spaying or neutering your cat not only is the single best way to stop pet overpopulation, but it has significant health benefits for your cat. Female cats should be spayed (ovariohysterectomy) before they enter their first heat cycle (before 6 months) to cut the risk of developing canada goose outlet price mammary (breast) cancer by almost 95%, and eliminate the risk of developing ovarian or uterine cancer completely. In male cats, neutering will eliminate the risk of testicular cancer. canada goose store

canada goose uk black friday “I think people on both sides of the Atlantic understand canada goose outlet store that as much as the constant cloud the threat of nuclear warfare has receded since the Cold War, that the presence of these deadly weapons, their proliferation, the possibility of them finding their way into the hands of terrorists continues to be the gravest threat to humanity, ” Mr. Obama said. (Read statements from Presidents Obama and Medvedev.)The discussion centers on a replacement of the dying 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which limited the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals canada goose uk black friday.