It was honestly my favorite game that that year

On really dry trips i’ll sometimes need to carry 4 or even 6 liters but i’ve been doing it with two or three 2L bladders to distribute the weight. My hikes are mostly steep mountains. Lots of elevation gain and more than not, I’m bushwhacking along the way.

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Now, O2 Blast themselves are not that great of a team, however they are 2 0 in the league, but one win was won by barely beating the weakest team in the competition (last place Geekstar), and have a really weak roster who do not look all that coordinated with their ultimate abilities, or teamfights very well. They beat Geekstar by 2 1 (they drew on a map, which is possible on Assault maps). O2 blast map record at 5 3 1 is telling, and to be honest they could lost the 5th map tiebreaker to GC Busan Wave (who they beat 3 2 in their first match)..

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If all you looking for is high quality basics, you can spend a lot less by looking for brands that use premium materials without any visible branding. Some of my favorites are Theory, James Perse, and Todd Snyder, all of which are available at a price point above J. Like I love to follow brands and the industry and all that but I’m still just a guy like you browsing the internet.

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