It was started by some unhinged vegan activists (not saying

canada goose factory sale I feel like most people would have space to reflect over the calories in fruit while still enjoying it though canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose online get reddit premiumTo be fair, a couple years ago there was a fad diet trend growing in popularity on YouTube. It was started by some unhinged vegan activists (not saying all vegan activists are unhinged, but these were) who came up with the rawtill4 diet. Basically suggesting that for optimal fitness people could and should eat unlimited amounts of fruit and vegetables until dinner time, and then feast on a massive canada goose outlet houston meal of cooked carbs. Some went as canada goose black friday vancouver far canada goose shop regent street as suggesting that all sugar was good (including regular granulated sugar, sodas, jams, etc) as long as the fat content in the food remained relatively low. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Online Offshoots of this shit were also some people promoting straight up raw veganism (which contained only healthy whole foods but was extremely limited as far as variety and nutritional content went), and fruitarianism. so only fruit. Naturally, the buy canada goose jacket loss aspect of this cult appealed to a ton of canada goose outlet las vegas people with pre existing eating disorders so they felt like they hacked the system and could binge all they wanted while losing weight. Even healthy minded people struggled with overeating since eating only fruit will leave you perpetually stuffed and bloated while also hungry. So even though you had enough calories (but no source of sustainable energy nor the full spectrum of nutrients) your body kept telling you to eat more. Canada Goose Online

canada goose store Many people bought into this scam since the promoters looked fit and trim themselves. Subsequently, a ton of reports came out about people getting obese and/or deficient from following this diet advice. The cult that had formed around this trend by that point became incredibly aggressive by calling every and any sort of calorie tracking restrictive and damaging. They sincerely believed that calories coming from fruit couldn possibly have caused any of these issues. I’m not laughing at you; probably everyone in this sub has fallen victim to some trendy diet at one point in time. canada goose store

canada goose This whole thing is canada goose mens uk a vicious cycle that has given rise to fat activists. People try some fad diet. It sucks because it’s pseudoscience nonsense. They get frustrated and give up on the concept of dieting entirely, which leads cheap canada goose jacket womens to more denial of basic science, which leads to some bizarre new diet that prescribes a 10 banana breakfast. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets I honestly didn’t even know this was a thing and wouldn’t have imagined that people were legitimately getting fat off of fruits and veggies. I just googled your breakfast and 10 nanners is over 1000 calories!! 20 dates? Another 1000+. What else were you eating, if you don’t mind my morbid curiosity? Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose I hope you’re doing better canada goose uk online store these days!I’m doing a lot better!! I’d like to blame me falling for that diet on my age combined with an unhealthy relationship with food lol. canada goose outlet I grew up with obese parents and didn’t understand what a calorie was! I knew food was made up of calories but didn’t quite understand that they made up weight gain/loss/maintenance. My mom thinks carbs are the devil so I would always cut carbs (but at 14/15/16 years old I didn’t do it well at all lol) and I would never lose weight. So then when I started watching youtubers like Freelee the Banana canada goose outlet parka Girl, Durian Rider, etc. and they all said carbs were amazing fuel, it was a breath of canada goose shop prague fresh air! cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet I still struggle with weight management. I’m 20 lbs down but have been struggling the past few weeks. I really need to get back on track! It’s hard to undo the unhealthy mindset I’ve held onto for 21 years Canada Goose Outlet.