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high quality designer replica You cannot act like that to someone and expect not to suffer physical consequences just because of your gender. The day the sexist idea of “I never hit a woman” dies out is the day women stop trying to pull this shit.princess_myshkin 162 points submitted 13 days agoI would consider myself to be a fairly active feminist, and from a woman’s perspective, women like her are only detrimental to our cause. replica bags cheap This is the face of feminism that people see, not the people out there actually trying replica bags wholesale hong kong to make a difference.She is what I like to call a “pseudo feminist”. high quality designer replica

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USB 3.1 gets about 10 Gb/s; Thunderbolt 3 gets 40 Gb/s (and is supported in USB C); PCIe 3.0 x16 (standard graphics card interface) is 128 Gb/s. You can probably get decent performance out of a Thunderbolt connected graphics card (some people do this with laptops already). Imagine being able to do this with a phone.

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