Sure, it annoying, but I also like the idea that developers

I an Eagle Scout and have taken multiple wilderness first aid courses, as well as having to go through the process of trying to get injured parties back to safety with minimal gear and poor supplies. Also, while the mantra of “don get hurt” is good in theory, the reality is that many injuries are out of our hands and being prepared for large cuts or sprains/breaks is better to me that to have nothing when you might need it)Hm, interesting. I can see some potential uses for that maybe as a backup storage solution or something to hold paper or things that are more maliabke themselves but I not sure how I would feel about a first aid kit with many tiny parts inside of something without a “legitimate” seal or closure of some kind.

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Overall they aren really good or bad. You can use them for some insight on stuff and perspective just don rely on them for factual information on the other side. Just remember since you are new to this side of youtube they are biased. I feel like there must be a blacklist that all of my accounts are on. Which would be weird since I’ve never even sent a report on my slave accounts. Maybe they just put known multiboxers on a blacklist? Or maybe the right click reporting doesn’t work how people think it does..

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