Working registration, meeting parents and greeting former

Teachers Return to the Classroom

We’re BAAAAACK. Like the students who canada goose outlet in usa return to our classrooms next week would agree, it’s a bit of shock that summer is over. June and July lasted four seconds. My summer to do list remains frightening long with barely a handful canada goose clearance sale of things crossed off. (Cleaning out the garage wasn’t so important after all.) Besides, it was too hot to tackle those dreaded projects no matter the good intentions.

Like Michelle Obama reminds us over the radio canada goose outlet jackets waves, students should make time during the lazy months for learning, not riding down the summer slide. What about grownups? I had meant to read more best sellers. To volunteer more hours. To write canada goose outlet black friday weekly blog posts. But life happens. Time to face the alarm clock and about one hundred and sixty new faces.

This one seemed laden with tragic news. The Pulse canada goose nightclub horror in Orlando dominated headlines for weeks. Police shootings in Dallas. A box truck mowing down innocent people in the south of France. There’s no lack of relevant issues to canada goose outlet discuss in and out of the classroom.

Of course, canada goose outlet reviews children get older. Some busily plan for college in a few weeks. My own daughter begins her second year. The shock of her turning down an internship close to canada goose outlet shop home to spend the summer with Canada Goose Coats On Sale friends near campus was a rude canada buy canada goose jacket goose outlet parka awakening after 18 summers together.

Teachers report back to school a full week before students. Pre planning is a time for many categories of meetings that seem more and more familiar after years of practice. Working registration, meeting parents and greeting former students with smiles and hugs has been a highlight of the week.

A record number of new principals, sprinkling of new deans and a gaggle of new teachers join the returning uk canada goose outlet ones to fill the hallways.

My colleagues share the camaraderie of being back to school and energized to do our best, regardless of the frustrations canada goose factory outlet left behind canada goose jacket canada goose coats on sale outlet in May.

We’re experts at how the school works and offer our empathy for those wearing the shoes of canada goose uk shop a new teacher. The principal welcomed us and introduced cheap canada goose us to the new educators who deserve the applause.

Welcome to the jungle I want to joke. Never let them see you sweat. Do your best. Don’t let them make you feel insecure or that you’re not qualified to be their teacher.

Our leader reminds us of the school’s vision and the true mission of every person who chose this profession and calls themselves a teacher. Instill a love of learning and provide excellence for all students.

Soon we’re back to enforcing the dress code, marking tardies and getting down to the art of teaching. We’re pumped, ready to engage, entertain, and educate.

Each day is a gift. Let’s work together to make the next canada goose outlet store uk 180 days of school feel like a celebration.

Posted In Community, TLH My Family, TLH SchoolsTerri obtained her Master’s Degree in Education from Hofstra University in New canada goose black friday sale York before relocating to paradise (aka Florida) and now boasts 15 years of teaching experience. Prior to this dramatic career change, she maintained an extensive resume of programming canada goose outlet sale and consulting experience. Her coming of age novel, “The Dorm,” was just released and now Canada Goose Online available on Amazon, kobo and Barnes and Noble.